BetSkybox is a Type C Sports Betting Proprietor in the state of Ohio. We provide the sportsbook experience at local bars, restaurants, and golf courses with our self-service kiosks and digital signage.

* Support local and small business!

* Instant payouts! Winning bets up to $599 can be cashed at any BetSkybox location. No need to wait several days for an app to deposit your well-deserved winnings.

*Take a break from you phone and bet in a real setting!

The customer is always the most important person, but you have to figure out how we can be different and better than the next guy — to have them say, ‘I can’t wait to come back, especially tomorrow when the really big game is on and I’m bringing all my friends.’ It’s not just watching the game, it’s actually being part of it.

Ed Berry
Strategic Partnership Development

  1. Visit one of our locations
  2. Request staff member to have your ID checked.
  3. Walk up to one of the BetSkybox kiosks.
  4. Select your sport.
  5. Find your game and select your bet
  6. Type in your wager amount
  7. Insert cash
  8. Place Your Bet
  9. Take your ticket and enjoy the big game!

How to redeem a winning bet if payout is $599 or lower:

  1. Play more by scanning ticket at kiosk.  -OR-
  2. Request cashout from a staff member.  -OR-
  3. Request cashout from another BetSkybox location. See locations page.

How to redeem a winning bet if payout is higher than $599:

  1. Play more by scanning ticket at kiosk (if $700 or lower).  -OR-
  2. Request check by mailing ticket and claim form to BetSkybox (ask staff member for claim form)  -OR-
  3. Request cashout at a BetSkybox location eligible for payouts over $599. See locations page.